Sit Stand Desks

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Functional bench desk with an open frame design. This back to back Sit Stand desk is very suitable for both large and small office environments and the design makes it easy to separate the desks from each other with a partition screen. Minimize cable clutter and mount a cable tray, which also makes cleaning a lot easier.

Reasons to Choose Sit-Stand:

The Human body is not designed to sit for long periods

Remaining seated for long periods can cause or exacerbate back and neck pain or discomfort

Sit-Stand desks give height adjustment flexibility for multi-user or shared desks

Easy (by electric motor) height adjustment make desks ideal for tall or short people as well as wheelchair users


Changing working position regularly helps to prevent back problems

Allows different sets of muscles to be used

Reduce build up fatigue

Allows spinal discs to compress and decompress allowing nutrition to disc

Reduce muscle pressure and allows better blood circulation

Improves concentration and efficiency

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