The Phone Booth

Some conversations aren't for everybody's ears. A Managing Director doesn't always want their colleagues to hear their private conversations, a sales person doesn't always want to sit and make phone calls in with the noise of the whole office in the background, and a private conversation between two colleagues doesn't always need to be heard by the whole office.

Until now we have been hoping that nobody is in the boardroom, having said conversations in corridors hoping nobody walks past or having cellular offices dotted all over the place.

The Phone Booth from Planet Business Interiors allows you to work with maximum focus, minimal distraction and privacy without the large footprint of a cellular office.

Perfect for uninterrupted work, holding discussions, making important calls and running teleconferences.

With a high acoustic rating, power and data connectivity in a range of sizes these are a must have for the modern office. To speak to us about yours, call us today and arrange a free consultation.

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