Working from home

The Coronavirus is nothing like any of us have ever seen before and will hopefully never see again.

Whilst many of us are committed to keeping business as usual, coming into the office for most of us isn't the responsible thing to do. Modern technologies enable most businesses to continue while workers work from home, so what makes the ideal home office?

You're likely to be sat down for long periods, working from home is no reason to give up good ergonomic practices. Sitting at an old dining chair isn't going to do your back any favours, especially if you're likely to be sat there 8 hours a day for the next few weeks, so you'll need an adjustable ergonomic chair to keep you sat correctly and comfortably.

Unlike your big open plan office, your home may not have quite so much room for the big workstation, narrow and shallow desks are the order of the day, as small as 1000x600 you can fit your desk under the stairs, in the box room or looking out over the garden.

Chances are you aren't moving about quite as much as you would be if you were in the office, no walking to chat to colleagues, going to the printer or taking orders down to the warehouse. Desk risers are a great way of staying active while stationary. Changing your working position regularly is a great way to increase calorie expenditure while at work. Or why not go all the way with an electric sit stand desk?

Desk accessories such as ergonomic monitor arms make a great addition to the home office. They free up space on the desktop and enable you to set you monitor to the correct height and distance so that you aren't putting excessive strain on your eyes or your neck.

We have a wide range of furniture and accessories for the home office in stock ready for immediate dispatch and you can find some great deals on our home page. To find out more information get in touch with the team today.


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