Furniture Recycling

Landfill tax is increasing on an annual basis, so disposing of your waste is going to cost you even more in the future, as well as having a negative perception with your customers.

Conventional methods of  throwing office furniture away are harming the environment, wasting valuable

materials and wasting money. Office furniture is typically made up of five different types of materials which can all be recycled with a bit of effort: woods, metals, plastics, fabrics and foams.

It costs approximately the same to recycle an item of furniture as it does to send it to landfill. That’s because the process of recycling is very labour intensive, however as landfill costs rise and our duty to look after our environment increases, organisations are put under increased pressure to be responsible about how they dispose of their unwanted items.


Whether its one chair or 1000 desks, speak to us to arrange a site survey and provide a competitive quote for recycling. 

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