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Whether you have an office that needs re-structuring and refurbishment, or you are a new business that wants a set-up to help you succeed, we are the trusted, experienced team that can make it happen! We offer innovation, expertise, quality office furniture and more. Based in Thame, we work with businesses throughout Oxfordshire.

Modern office interior with desk


At Planet Business Interiors Ltd we have over 25 years of industry experience and we know offices, like no other! When it comes to office refurbishments, office renovations and office fit-outs, we offer a unique perspective for design, with quality, functional furniture that will make organisation easy for you.


We can work on a host of different projects across Thame and Oxfordshire, from office re-location to new office buildings and office renovations. Our services are always tailored to meet the needs of the client and can include design, planning, building work and furniture supply. If you are considering a new office and want to chat to an industry leader, then get in touch with our team. We are here to help you visualise your new space and we work with you to understand the working habits of your staff and what your office needs for your business to thrive. We consider health and safety, ergonomics and more. Contact us to begin your journey to the perfect office space.

Interior image of modern office space


Whether you're a start-up looking for your first desk, a corporate giant looking to refurb, an educational setting that needs continuous reliable furniture supply or anything in between, the Planet Business Interiors Ltd team will have a solution for you. We work with a wide range of manufacturers from budget to beautiful, allowing us to cater for everyone. We factor in design, functionality, ergonomics and budget. The functional and unique office furniture we provide includes:

monitors on a desk at modern office

Office Desking

Our desking ranges offer various solutions for the modern workplace including individual desks, bench desking, call centre desks, managerial workstations and height adjustable desking. From simple to stylish we have a desk for every environment. Working with our Space Planning team we can ensure that you have the right solution for your business.

Chairs and office seating

Are you sitting comfortably? As an employer you are responsible for your staff's workplace wellbeing. Buying cheap office chairs online might seem like a good idea to keep the costs down, but when your staff are spending 8 hours a day sat down, it's worth spending a bit more time to ensure you get it right. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, and we have a wide selection or comfortable ergonomic office chairs ready for you to try before deciding.

Office work place
Meeting Room. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown

Boardrooms and meeting room furniture

For many businesses the boardroom is the flagship area where many of the major decisions are made. We have an extensive range of meeting solutions in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Cafeteria and break-out spaces

Breakout areas are great for holding an informal meeting, chat or just getting away from the desk for a few minutes.  We have a range of soft seating options to make sure that you are sitting comfortably. We have a variety of shapes and styles to fit any office space, giving you, your staff and visitors the opportunity to take the weight off your feet.

Modern Office Lobby


From classrooms, labs, canteens and seminar suites to administrative offices and staff rooms, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality furniture for use in educational environments, and we provide a comprehensive design, supply, refurbishment and fit-out service. We also provide a professional bespoke manufacturing service that can be personalised to meet your needs. Look at just some of the furniture we can supply and get in touch with our team to talk about your office fit-out.

Office chairs and table in conference room

Soft Seating

With more and more businesses looking to create a more comfortable and residential feel, soft seating is no longer restricted to waiting areas and receptions. Our soft seating range covers single tub chairs, modular sofas, acoustic booths and much more. All our soft seating is available in a huge range of fabrics and colours to suit any environment.

Reception Desks

What does your reception say about your business? Research shows that the first impression made by a visitor will impact on their decisions and actions with you. If they are comfortable and feel the welcome replicates your businesses standards, then they are more likely to do business with you. We offer a range of receptions, some of which can be seen on this website, that will provide you with the furniture and accessories to make an impact on those first impressions.

A reception area -modern interior
Office desk

Height Adjustable Desking

Our range of height-adjustable desking includes back-to-back clusters, compact desks, managers desks and individual desks. Perfect for the office or educational settings, our height adjustable desks are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with a wide selection of MFC, Veneer and Solid Wood tops to choose from.

High Tables and Stools

With the increase of employers seeking a more diverse, intelligent approach to desking and agile working, the bench family was designed to provide an alternative place of working, meeting and collaborating. Classic, yet suited to any modern space. This versatile offering is ideal for meetings, boardrooms, and breakout areas. The high table is the ideal solution in any given environment. It is adaptable to your space, available in variety of height, sizes and finishes, with various power and data and cable management options. This is perfect for meeting spaces, hospitality areas or work cafes.

Chair and dining table


Effective use of storage is key for making any space work. We have a wide range of solutions to suit any application and can help implement storage solutions as part of your office refurbishment. Our storage range includes under desk pedestals, lockers, cupboards, tamour cupboards, credenzas, storage wall, lockers, bookcases, side filers, filing cabinets and anything you need to keep your office as tidy as possible.  We can also provide storage surveys to advise on how to make best use of the space. Get in touch with our team to talk about your new office fit-out.

Our other office solutions include:

Study pods, Beanbags and ‘quiet’ areas, 

Teachers' chairs, Library furniture

Lab furniture, IT suites, Auditorium seating

Perspex screens

COVID-19 Booths: We also have solutions that include booths. With the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, businesses and education settings are quickly seeking solutions that will ensure the safety of their staff, customers, students and the wider community. These freestanding booths were designed and manufactured to provide safe and socially distanced areas for testing and the administering of vaccines. The surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained providing a pathogen-safe environment. The range offers standalone units with multiple add-on modules and are available in both a single and fully accessible booth option.


Computer office interior with laptops 3d render


from Planet Business Interiors Ltd in Thame, Oxfordshire.

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